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mardi 27 mai 2014

Brittany Championship : Liffré retain his title !

Ayant pour habitude de faire découvrir l'actu du foot gaélique dans sa terre sainte qu'est l'Irlande, je me permet aujourd'hui, à l'inverse, de faire lumière sur les finales du championnat breton qui se sont tenues ce weekend à Ploumilliau (côtes d'armor), et...en anglais. compte tenu de l'origine du texte initial, le point de vue est quelque peu...liffréo centré, mais honneur au champion!

Merci à Antoine Thomet

At the end of the decisive final tournament of the 2014 Britanny League played in Ploumilliau  (Tregor) , the  Liffré's team triumphed against Rennes , winning his seventh consecutive title, standing up as the
logical favourites to be their own successors in the french championship finals in two weeks.

 Liffré first had to finish on the top of their qualifying group in which they faced  Kerné (Quimper) , Nantes, Brest and Vannes . No surprise in the first match, beating quietly Kerné  4-04 / 0-01 , choosing to rest some of their regulars . Those started their competition against Nantes, a team that had mishandled them at the last tournament. This time, no worries, Liffré won comfortably 2-6 to  1-1.  
Against Vannes , new easy victory without surprise with an excellent kicking efficiency  1-19/ 0-1, but a big concern happens with the injury of captain Antoine Duros , opening to the arcade, he was then evacuated to the Lannion hospital with the hope of being quickly operational and to play the end of the tournament. 
The final group mach against an overstrecthed Brest team, which has subsequently finished at the last place in the tournament ended on the score of 1-12/ 1-2.

Easily finishing in the 1st place of his group , Liffré moves towards the long-awaited final against the big rival and neighbours Rennes, who also dominated his group. Last obstacle for the 2 favorites: the semi-finals . Rennes came off badly , but managed to beat Nantes. At the same time , Liffré had the best on Guerande, 1-12 /  1-2 , and controlled his opponent despite some little defensive errors . And good news : Duros has recovered in time and reintegrated the team for the last gap.

On tied in points at the Brittany championship standing  before that day , and one week after the Brittany cup final won by the Renne's "geese" , the so expected final took place .  
And this Liffré vs Rennes kept all its promises , many spectators in the "Tregor" for this spectacular game were not disappointed.  Liffré took an early score by a point scored by Botrel . But just before halftime , some failures and a Rennes's goal put the champions in trouble , Rennes were leading 3-1 at the break, despite a clear Liffre's boars domination. 
 In the second half , Liffré persists and imposes its law,  Rennes is exceeded in the middle facing the pair Duros - Durrmann and Botrel adding points for Liffré which takes off .  
Solid in defence, hardworking in midfield, the boars hold fast, just like Yoann Kersuzan and Rennes will never get back into the game.
A final goal from Vincent Durrmann, who litterally flies over debates, sealed the match (victory 3-02  to 1-02) and ensure them a seventh brittany champions title in a row! eighth in the history of a club who has just celebrated his 10th anniversary.

Next step now for the gaelic football section of the "Entente Gaélique de Haute Bretagne" and next title to retain, the french championship finals to be held in Clermont-Ferrand on the 7th of june where they will face Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux (from the french federal league) ,Rennes and Nantes (from the brittany side).

Liffré will target a second national title in a row, knowing that they were last year the first team to be entitled without any irish player in its ranks .

Until then ,boars can enjoy this title and recover from all the emotions after this well-organised tournament in Ploumilliau and a party who concluded this wonderful day (with a traditionnal irish night).

 Thank you once again to Antoine Thomet (from the EGHB Liffré) for the original review.

the 2014 french finals promotion poster

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