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mardi 29 juillet 2014

France - Italy (GaelicSportsWorld article)

Even though the 15th of november seems far away, the historic match who will see two national teams face each other for the very first time in the history of gaelic football begins to take shape.
While the French federation has launched a participatory competition  to choose its new crest, the Italian side has just released his own emblem.

 Photo : Ufficiale il logo della neonata Nazionale Italiana di Calcio Gaelico ( affiliata C.S.E.N.) che esordirà il 15 Novembre a Tolosa contro la nazionale Francese. 
Complimenti all' ASD Dropkick ed al suo presidente Alfonso Duca che sono riusciti a trasformare un sogno in realtà.

The french national teams both men and women have just been announced by their respective selectors, Jean-Philippe Meunier and Olivier Kowarski.

At the end of this selection process , these are 32 men and 18 women who were called to the first selection camp to be held in Guerande on the 30 and 31 of August .

Olivier Kowarski, french selector and manager of the men's national team

Geoffrey Lacombe (Niort)
Bruno Durocher (Liffré)
Full Backs
Arnaud Béreiziat (Paris)
Thomas Ducrohet (Clermont Ferrand)
Julien Savignol (Toulouse)
Joris Besson (Clermont Ferrand)
Maxime Salmon (Rennes)
Vincent Henry (Guérande)
Jean-Marie Trignol (Nantes)
Half backs
Maël Dancette (Paris)
Mickael Bonnet (Clermont Ferrand)
Pierre Bouillet (Coutances)
Vincent Durmann (Liffré)
David Gauvin (Rennes)
Sylvain Roinard (Quimper)
Tangi An Ostiz (Brest)
Gwenolé Leost (Rennes)
Julien Caubet (Nantes)
Arnaud Poisson (Saint Brieuc)
Guillaume L’henaff (Lorient)
Jean-Baptiste Cautin (Vannes)
Half forwards
Guillaume Gouffrant (Bordeaux)
François Phillippe (Niort)
Julien LeDem (Trégor)
Full forwards
Julien Paul (Toulouse)
Julien Baissat (Lyon)
Frédéric Payen (Naives)
Antoine Botrel (Liffré)
Damien Leclec’h (Guérande)

This is only a pre-selection and the definitive positions for the midfielders and half backs will be hard to get, however these two lines can easily move, many players have proven their ability to hold various positions.
The training course will help the selctors to refine this first draft and determine what will be be the most effective combinations.

The women's pool seems very competitive too and is subject to line-changes, these players being more accustomed to permute positions with the needs of the time.
On the other hand, the women selection will evolve in 9x9 configuration, removing intermediate lines (half backs and half forwards) that will require an ability to adapt.

Here is the women's panel for the 15th november game.

Dominique Perceval Paris
Marine Dubini Bordeaux
Anne Macary Paris
Anne-Sophie Mangouero Vannes
Joomi Pak Lyon
Julie Lepitre Paris
Pauline Seureau Bordeaux
Angélique Chin Niort
Camille Angel Vannes
Caroline Rezette Vannes
Fanny Jaffres Rennes
Gracianne Etchandy Bordeaux
Julie Coquelle Rennes
Amandine Houitte Rennes
Julia Le Coq Saint Brieuc
Marianne Siloret Rennes
Sophie Miossec Lorient
Sterenn Le Coarer

*This article was largely inspired by the coverage
**A special thank goes to Olivier Kowarski and the Padova Gaelic Football for using their pics and crest
***This article (like many others) will be available on the next edition of gaelicsportsworld digital magazine

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